How I want to help others

Since becoming an advocate to raise awareness of XXY and male infertility I have had much time to reflect on how my voice can help the many people out there who are affected by the condition.

Across the world, men do not talk about their fertility. This has to change and I am amongst a handful willing men who is willing to talk openly about this often taboo subject.

Goal 1:

In Ireland the Irish health system class some health related conditions under, 'the long-term sickness protocol'. If you have a condition that is recognised under this system then all your associated medical costs are covered by the state. 

Currently XXY is not recognised and myself and many others on a regular basis must pay for repeat prescriptions, consultant fees and testosterone injections.

Goal 2:

75% of people who are XXY never find out. I feel that a contributing factor to this number is the current cost of the associated 'Karyotype' genetic test. In a lab the chromosomes are counted, if you are XXY then an additional chromosome will be present. For example in the UK, this test is currently around 500/600 pounds. I would like to see this this cost either heavily reduced or else made free.

Goal 3:

To continue my advocacy work and to talk to various governments and health organisations across the world.


Since my first interview with Ryan Bregante of the 'Living With XXY' foundation I have gone on to talk to people across three continents.
There is such a focus on the perceived negatives of being XXY which I don't agree with. To the best of my knowledge there is no perfect human, everyone has challenges in their life.

Media Appearances

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